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              "The First Word in Entry Level Legal Employment"

Entry Level Attorney Jobs
FirstLawJob.com is a national job-search firm specifically devoted to law students, recent law graduates and entry level attorneys who are ready to launch their legal careers.

FirstLawJob.com was created to meet the demands of thousands of law students across the country that were not recruited out of law school.  At FirstLawJob.com we work with all individuals whether your GPA was 2.0 or 4.0, whether you were law review or just made it through to graduation.

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Securing a position that will allow you to begin your successful law career is priceless. It is no secret that job competition is fierce upon graduation. FirstLawJob.com provides you with exceptional service in searching for a rewarding career. While you are preparing for the Bar Exam or searching on your own, FirstLawJob.com is working hard to find potential career opportunities for you.