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Questions & Answers
Why do we charge a nominal fee? 

FirstLawJob.com provides each client with a personal career counselor that  handles the entire job-search process. Our services include the full-spectrum of the job search, from locating perfect career opportunities to applying for these positions on your behalf. In order to provide our clients with this unparalleled level of service we charge a fee. Unlike most recruiters we do not receive any compensation from law firms. 

What separates us from other employment sites?

On most employment web sites you post your resume along with thousands of other job candidates hoping someone sees your resume or you search through hundreds of stagnant job listings. What differentiates FirstLawJob.com is the personal representation we provide exclusively to our clientele on a real-time basis. FirstLawJob.com will present your resume to a vast network of recruiters, law firms, and employment agencies to give you the upper-hand in the hiring process. 

How will I know if a Firm is interested in me?

The vast majority of law Firms will contact our clients directly if they have a further
interest in the candidate.​

Will I know what Firms received my resume?

Since we work with outside recruiters, they do not provide us the name of the Firms
that are considering our candidates for employment.  We inform the Firms who we are and that they may receive duplicate resumes directly from our clients. We've found that in those rare instances where we duplicate our efforts with our clients, it can't hurt for a potential employer to see your resume twice.

Where do we place law graduates? 

FirstLawJob.com is a national firm. Our clients are placed throughout the United States as well as international in all specialties of law.

How The Process Works

I. Fill out the application.

II. Submit payment 

III. A career counselor will contact you via email to discuss career opportunities.

IV. We begin searching and applying for jobs on your behalf through a real-time database of hiring firms, as well as relationships with law firms and legal recruiters.

V. You will be contacted directly by those firms that are interested in you.

*As an internet based company, we communicate with all of our clients through email in order to offer our services at a nominal fee. Once you're assigned a career counselor, they will provide you their contact information. Generally speaking if a firm has an interest in you as a candidate they will contact you directly.
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